We are the leading Portuguese company specialized in developing and manufacturing high performance window systems using pultruded profiles.

We are the home of BOAVISTA, the first European brand of window systems fully manufactured in fibreglass.



To develop the most advanced Window Systems and supply them worldwide, flawlessly.


Having the best processes in place, which leads us to developing the best products and to providing the best service to our partners. We will:

  • Use the full potential of the different materials and revolutionary designs to develop high performance window systems adapted to the highest requirements.
  • Have a reliable service, focused on continuous improvement, which is the stepping stone of our global growth
  • Have the best people, highly motivated and fully aligned with our purpose


By combining performance and design, we have a range of products that are tools to be used in future-shaped buildings – long-lasting, sustainable, functional and adapted to the most recent technologies.


Fibreglass is the common name for GRPs – glass reinforced plastics; that is a composite material, which means, a material composed by two or more components with different physical and chemical properties combined to result in a new material with excellent features.

For this reason, in the past decades composite materials (including fiberglass) have been gaining ground in virtually every sector (from naval industry to structures, aircraft industry, etc.) and are now more commonly being used in the construction industry.

Some Characteristics of fibreglass

  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • High dimensional stability;
  • Able to maintain its properties either in very high or very low temperatures;
  • Excellent mechanical properties;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance;
  • It does not brittle at low temperatures.


We have the solutions and the products for each one of your projects.

We are the home of BOAVISTA, the first European brand of window systems fully manufactured in fibreglass.

Boavista is the first European window system fully manufactured in fibreglass.


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